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Elite Extracts Hybrid Disposable Vapes contain 1G of high potency cannabis oil in various strains. And thanks to it’s sleek and stylish design, these vapes fit easily into your pocket or everyday bag and can be taken wherever you go.

Many users find Sundae Driver to provide surprisingly powerful giggly effects along with pain reduction to help with conditions such as insomnia, chronic stress, pain, and anxiety, PTSD, and depression.
91.7% THC

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Are you looking for an ultra-sleek, easy-to-use, and stylish disposable vape? Look no further than Elite Extracts Hybrid Disposable Vape!

This amazing disposable vape is perfect for those who want to experience premium cannabis oil without the hassle.

Using advanced lab-testing methods, Elite Extracts ensures that every unit contains 1G of high potency cannabis oil in various strains – making sure you have an unforgettable vaping session every time.

This nifty disposable vape offers you a simple yet hassle-free mechanism, as it doesn’t require a charger – just puff away! It contains over 90% THC.

And thanks to it’s sleek and stylish design, the Elite Extracts Hybrid Vape fits easily into your pocket or everyday bag and can be taken wherever you go.

So if you’ve been on the hunt for the perfect vape, trust Elite Extracts THC Disposable Vapes and get this fine product today.

Available Strains

Lemon Skunk (Coming Soon)

Lemon Skunk is a potent hybrid strain that emits a sweet, skunky aroma and a flavor reminiscent of sweet lemons and citrus fruits.

This strain delivers an invigorating cerebral high, fostering creativity, happiness, and euphoria, though it maintains a mellow laziness.

GG #4

GG #4 strain is a potent hybrid renowned for inducing profound relaxation and a sedative effect, often leaving users feeling as though they’re firmly affixed to there couch.

It’s high begins gradually, intensifying over time, imbuing the mind with heightened euphoria and a gentle burst of creative energy.

As your awareness ascends to greater levels of delight, an almost adhesive sensation takes hold, firmly attaching your mental state to this blissful realm where worries seem to evaporate entirely.

GG #4 strain has a strong, earthy smell and is famous for making you feel relaxed and happy. It has a mix of chemical and chocolate flavor, along with a noticeable diesel undertone that slowly changes into a mild sweetness as you enjoy it.

Sundae Driver

Sundae Driver, a perfectly balanced hybrid, is the delightful crossing of “Fruity Pebbles” and “Grape Pie” strains.

It’s exquisite chocolate sundae-like flavor, marked by sweet creaminess and a hint of fruity sugar on the exhale, is complemented by an earthy aroma with sweet grape candy notes and a subtle, occasionally pungent, chocolate undertone.

The high matches the flavor’s delightfulness, delivering a relaxing and uplifting experience. It starts with euphoric happiness, gradually evolving into a deep, tranquil relaxation that can lead to peaceful slumber.

Platinum OG

Platinum OG boasts potent effects, inducing a deeply relaxing body buzz that can result in couch-lock, all while bringing about feelings of euphoria, joy, and a profound sense of drowsiness.

It’s scent is reminiscent of diesel fuel, spiciness, and a touch of coffee, which is faithfully reflected in it’s flavor profile with subtle herbal undertones. It’s worth noting that the most prevalent side effect is dry mouth.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream provides a swift, invigorating cerebral high that ignites motivation and creativity.

Simultaneously, it brings a soothing body buzz, alleviating pain and inducing relaxation. It’s enticing aroma of sweet blueberry pie complements a sugary blueberry taste.

What Is Elite Extracts?

Elite Extracts is one of the leading cannabis brands located in Los Angeles.

Offering top-notch THC disposable vapes at the best prices, Elite Extracts is proud to bring astounding products straight to your door.

It’s vape products come with premium cannabis distillate, crafted from the best cultivator in the town.

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How many grams do Elite Extracts Hybrid Disposable Vapes contain?

Elite Extracts Vape Disposable contains 1G premium cannabis oil.

What is the THC level of Elite Extracts Disposable Vapes?

The convenient vapes of Elite Extracts contain over 90% THC.

Which disposable vape gets you the highest?

Elite Extracts Disposable Vapes are among the most potent THC vapes in the market.

What’s the safest disposable vape?

You can consider using Elite Extracts THC Disposable Vapes as a safer option.

How do I use Elite Extracts Vape Pens?

To use an Elite Extracts Vape Pen, first, ensure it’s fully charged. Than, simply inhale through the mouthpiece to activate the heating element and vaporize the THC oil or concentrate inside the cartridge.

Are Elite Extracts Vapes legal in my area?

Yes, if you are over 21, you can order Elite Extracts Vapes in Los Angeles.

STRAIN Clementine, GG #4, Girl Scout Cookies, Lemon Skunk, Blue Dream, Chemdawg, Dosi Punch, Lemon Sorbetto, Platinum OG, Sundae Driver

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