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Gelato is a very potent strain of cannabis, mainly grown in Colorado. The genetic makeup is a mix of Chocolate Diesel with Sour Dub and Chem Sister. The smell of diesel is strong but the taste is similar to coffee that has gone stale. The smell is extremely strong, one of the strongest strains. This is why it is mainly grown indoors. The THC level is about 25-28%. This marijuana plant is light green in color. When it is ready to be harvested, the leaves look like they have snow or salt on them.
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Brass Knuckles promotes its wares with much street-savvy ad copy (“We don’t fuck around when it comes to Purity, Potency and Product Integrity! Knuckle Up!”), rowdily active use of social media and occasional public events around the country. All these fronts the notion their products pack an exceptionally heavy-lidded punch suitable for listening to old funk or techno tracks in some abandoned warehouse.

Also, In the case of the BK pass at one of this summer’s most popular hybrid strains, this image is very close to the truth. As a flower, Girl Scout has exactly what serious tokers look for in a top-shelf hybrid strain — mellow potency that delivers a crisp, long-lived high.

My usual three hits of this oil produced a one-two punch that closely replicated the clean, well-structured, and energetic high of GG No. 4 flowers.

Moreover, Most carts test as high as 70 percent THC, so this is a puff for puff, the cheapest, most effective way to get the compound into your system. The slightly sweet and candy-like taste makes this hard to put down. Buy Brass Knuckles Gelato Online UK


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