Buy Cream HHC Berry Gelato 2.2 ml Disposable Vape Online UK




Buy Cream HHC Berry Gelato 2.2 ml Disposable Vape Online UK

Buy Cream HHC Berry Gelato 2.2 ml Disposable Vape Online UK -A wickedly powerful indica-heavy hybrid, Berry Gelato HHC is the perfect strain for relaxing vibes and good feelings.

Berry Gelato, also known as Blueberry Gelato, gets its name from the Italian ice cream dessert that it tastes like. Drawing an inhale of Berry Gelato brings the flavors of sugar-coated fruits with just a hint of damp pine forest. The exhale is even sweeter, leaving the mouth with a pleasant tingly sensation.

The high-octane HHC that powers this rechargeable vape produces blissful feelings, dialing enjoyment levels up to 11 even as it sends calming sensations through the body.

The combination of hard-hitting indica powers and delicious taste make this powerful are a perfect way to unwind after a day at the office or send feelings of heavenly comfort to your muscles after a workout. The laid back, euphoric vibes it inspires make it a great social strain to pass around before a movie or game night with friends.

The rechargeable vape pen creates true convenience. Whether you feel like taking a single hit on your couch or drawing in a few puffs in the middle of a hike, this disposable vape is a brilliant choice.

It’s also a great option for users who enjoy a toke before bed. As the strain slowly makes your body feel like Jell-O, it creates sleepy sensations that will leave you fully prepared for sleep as the high wears off.

What are the strains that make up Berry Gelato

Berry Gelato is a tasty indica-leaning hybrid that was created by crossing two phenomenal strains: Thin Mint GSC and Blueberry. If you’re familiar with those strains, you’ll find that Berry Gelato’s apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

For example, Thin Mint GSC (Girl Scout Cookies) is a world-famous hybrid strain that’s renowned for its delicious taste and muscle-melting sensations. Through this strain, Berry Gelato can trace its lineage through OG Kush and directly to Hind Kush, the great grandaddy of hard-hitting indicas.

The Blueberry strain is less well known, but just as powerful. It’s also a hybrid strain dominated by superior indica genetics. Blueberry passes on its fruity flavor profile and mood-boosting powers to Berry Gelato. The strain itself was created as a three-way cross between Afghani, a powerhouse pure indica varietal; and two sativa strains called Thai and Purple Thai.

Taken together, the Blueberry and Thin Mint GSC genetics created a monster hybrid that serves up the best of its parents’ taste and effects. Combine that power with the euphoria-boosting and long-lasting sensations of premium hemp-derived HHC and you’ve got a strain that will impress even the most seasoned consumer.


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