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Buy Flo weed strain online UK

This is the love child of Purple Thai and an Afghani Indica, The plant is described as having pear-shaped buds with purple calyxes. Flo can potentially be harvested multiple times, creating a ‘flo’ of buds. The effects are characterized as light and energetic, allowing for clarity of thought.
Buy Flo weed strain online UK

Flo OG is a sweet indica-dominant strain with creative effects. Known as a functional indica, Flo OG combines the quality genetics of Flo (by DJ Short) and Rare Dankness #1 (from Rare Dankness Seeds) to create a strain that stimulates the mind while going easy on the body. This strain’s hazy euphoria takes effect immediately as the body buzzes with a gentle relaxing warmth. Enjoy Flo OG to improve mood, curb depression, and promote rest (in higher doses).  

Buy Flo weed strain online

Flo is a hybrid strain of cannabis with a slightly dominant sativa presence. Bred by Dutch Passion, Flo is a cross-breed of Afghani Indica and Purple Thai. Flo has a sweet citrus taste, with a slight pine like hint, a soothing but subtle delight for the taste buds. The smell is a bit sour, not unlike menthol, but with a delightful whisper of citrus; quite a distinct aroma.
certainly Flo has a broad range of medical applications. Flo can prove as a quick and powerful fix for a migraine. It is also useful in soothing arthritis pain. The strain succeeds in treating anxiety as well as symptoms associated with ADHD and Bipolar Disorder. Flo is also known to aid in alleviating stress. The effects of Flo are described as energetic yet subtle, making it ideal for many as a wake and bake. Flo can provide a perfect boost for creative types, sparking inspiration for artists and musicians alike.
Fortunate for growers, Flo has a unique ability to produce a bountiful flow of buds that last through multiple harvests. The potential for a multi-harvest ‘flow’ of buds makes Flo a wise choice for greenhouse production. This isn’t to say Flo can’t flourish outside as well; Flo can continue to thrive well into November under the right circumstances and weather conditions. Flo matures fast, tending to grow tall and branch out. Flower time is generally around 50 to 55 days.


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